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Be compelled. Be curious. Quest.

Seek what is just on the other side of the knowable landscape, just over the event horizon, just around the bend in the road.

Make maps.

Interview your grandfather to find out why he is so interested in the metric system. Ask him why you are so stubborn. Listen to his silences; make up your own narratives.

Measure this, measure that – fit in to this, be up to that.

Wonder at how it is that you feel so very alive, then set out to go around the planet. Prepare to swim in all the oceans of the world.


Did you know the meter was originally defined to be one ten millionth of the distance between the North Pole and the Equator? It was meant to be based on something bigger than all the imperial egos of the world namely, the Earth.

Strike a balance between stoic independence and loyal connection.

Find poise between permissive curiosity regarding human nature and righteous refusal of the dominant paradigm.

Equally privilege that which can be languaged and that which cannot be said.

Feel through it all. Feel the integrity of your skin, the neural pathways you have well greased and, love love lo..

coming along for the adventure.?



Through a storytelling performance that combines traditional narrative structures together with movement and clowning, I wish to invite audiences to question the ways we measure our lives and the world around us. From quantifying time and space to measuring our worth, we stubbornly attempt to capture and grade the “truth” mapping it with finite tools that only seem to reveal “truth’s” infinite nature. Goosefeather is an invitation to consider the subjective nature of cartography and, given the imprecision of our measuring tools, the delicious margin of error latent within any given map.

Enjoy... !!


“Ms. Steinberg has a lot to say, a lot to teach and we listen because she is speaking truths about the human condition and when she is done and it is over, all too soon, we stay in the venue because we want more, no one wanted to leave for fear of coming out of the calm state we felt at the end of the piece. “ Bev Siver, Plank Magazine, September 2014
“An intimate story about life’s deepest meanings, Steinberg makes us laugh, listen, and whether we know it or not, she prompts us to think deeply. “ Anne Watson, Vancouver Observer, September 2014
“Intriguing, enchanting and beautiful, Goosefeather draws you in with its subtle mix of intellect, whimsy and fluidity of movement to explore the internal and global meridians off Naomi Steinberg’s family story. A very clear-voiced performance.” Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky, Australian storyteller, January 2015

Goosefeather’s corset is made by Rustic Rogue

Pants designed and made by Ulooop

Jordan Bent illustrations