West Coast

dialed in


is was good.

and, amongst precious gifts received are found: a knit in blue, a stitch in time, rhythm and rhyme


p’ti graton

theos mou, psyche is walking the forest path past relics, some cute kitch kindof waldorf walk onto the, oh...sighted.. field.

just a bit of polishing

Dear Goose! I join you in suprise and delight!


well! that was a first show!

chez les Banks'

je suis bien reçu

then, warm in the fire circle we sit'n'visit as Oakland skies drizzle softly down

giving in to thanks

we know how this works: stretching of the table and chairs being sought

this home fills with smells of cooking food as pecans and apples are being chopped

there is talk of grief...and praise

sleepless in California sunshine

no lockers at Oakland train station

my walkabout is slow, brain diffuse

the secret compartment of my bag holds...secrets ;)

begin early

begin early

Mnemosyne walk with me

towards rising road

I see sonatas, soup and awakened heart

t minus7

t minus7

walking near the Annex I spotted Comfrey, there, a la lisiere!

Amabilis Fir stood proud, overlooking a

Spider had dropped shining thread somewhere over concrete.