my breath caught

my breath caught

i am very very small relative to the hull of the Bindaree

the Port is clearly made for giants who enjoy gnashing their teeth and chomping on metal beams

a seagull tells me to hang tight..avast! tomorrow we cast off!

Discus Chronologicus

time’s topography

chest rises and falls with breath

sand drifts and plumes over path

waters ebb (and still i await the lifting of anchor)

Mover-el-cielo-con-el-alma_Esterio Segura

confirming confidence in humanity

Esterio Segura in the Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach

reminded me that we can be Moving the Sky with Our Soul

Love is (over and above through and despite the inane attack chatter, the delusional peacocking and the back pedalling stumble defence)

embarkation being in two days, in Long Beach I now abide

i gave l.a. one more day of walking.

not a trail of tears, a valley of ashes nor a string of broken hearts were found.

rather, complex-textural co-inspirers and many-glistening thread-weavers are to be remembered.

you will find yourself


customs officers

the port, just over the bridge

i just wanted to tell you

how quickly it progressed from fresh

to uncanny (without unsettling)

..!timing!incredible! gladness abounds and bounds!


public prez against the machine in the mix

thank you for being explicit about that which is disposable, mere baggage..

..not wanted on the voyage.

Again enjoy feeling the sight of: painted ferris wheel, knee high school dress, open hooded red car


skip a (one)

biking here to stand (still as shadows lengthened) poetically and provocatively,

then getting on the mic in Da Poetry Lounge

followed by a midnight website glitch.. are my only excuses for not logging a post yesterday


and then some!:)

phew! you sure are bike-able thanks to your kitchen (recommended!)

ante up with organizing and inspiring

gearing down into freedom of motion and notion

of lights, projection, bluster and wind

of lights, projection, bluster and wind

shadowy crosshatching of palm catches eye after i stumble on bulging root cracked concrete

earlier, we agreed it was generous of the tree to offer itself for backlighting in such a way

finally, it was the perfect globes of light suspended from branches across from and matching the moon that arrested me