Shek O

as we walk, sound becomes everything: wind roughly rustling trees, ocean waves breaking, father and son quietly discussing in Chinese and English the best phrase to use for honouring the year of the ram.

as we wait for sisters and brothers, nieces, nephews, aunties, uncles and stragglers... we sing the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Peter Paul 'n' Mary - oh! harmony!

and, as we digest the plenty plenty food, it is crash boom and squeals of joy when the lion (awakened!) comes to dance in the living room!

Balance ‘n’ Composure

when families extend

you can find yourself, high, above one of the busiest, densest intersections on the planet, grounded and centered, quiet.

you may swing, find ways to generate revenue, play games, converse and eat eat eat.

you should weave bonds, you must weave guanxi.


on Lamma Island, serendipity can be measured when…

impulses are followed -

consequences are assumed -

mutually agreeable meta-narratives are constructed -

Ram Up

From the monotony of the South China Sea and the grey foggy grey Port of Hong Kong …all the way to a riotous everything – Feb 16

Agent Ainand made sure I had a stamp (passport) an Octopus Card (transit) a SIM card (phone) HK dollars (food 'n' things) and... an actual place to stay.

Leaving my baggage at the Mariner's Club in Kowloon, I set out - surrendering to a sea of people, sights, sounds, smells, and stuffing myself with street-food.

Year of the Ram promises to be for carving out new, honest, and colourful patterns of relating.


Feb 5 – 16, 2015 – aboard the HM Beethoven

these few images below are from the crossing New Caledonia - Hong Kong

over oceans once again we went - merrily dodging cyclones and

calling forth to the waters, to love, to the swell.. OH!

Silver Padding Buddies?

baptism at sea – we repeat




Blue Yellow Casino

January 31 – February 2: Cruise out of Australia – Pitch Feeling vs. Numbing

I put on the hustle and was given the go-ahead by Hospitality, Entertainment and Security to mix some punky DIY stylz in with the glitz.

I only needed to jump through one more hoop (Head of Casino) when I realized the energy needed to truly be a Potent Oracle, was not there.

Goosefeather does not gamble when taking a stand; matter does not measure up to spirit.

Golden Egg

I Had Aspired To Posting 3 Lines And One Photo A Day

This volume of blogging has not been achieved.

I calculate that laying a golden egg requires more focus than what attempting to communicate real-time experiences through a digi-binary platform affords me.

However, I do get off when being on ;).