About Naomi

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Naomi Steinberg is an accomplished performer, storyteller, and site-specific installation artist. With over 14 years experience she knows how to seduce her audiences through a provocative mix of political thought and artistic content. She tells her stories in a unique voice, with an evocative gestural language.

She has been awarded a BC Arts Council grant for her work as an solo artist as well as Canada Council, Citizenship and Immigration (Multiculturalism), BC Arts Council, City of Vancouver and Parks Board monies (among others), for her large scale community engagement initiatives, which she directed through the Vancouver Society of Storytelling.

Actively interested in notions of re-wilding, counter-cartography, and right-relation, Naomi was part of the City of Vancouver’s Environmental Education working group from January 2014 and her work with the St George Rainway was on exhibit in the ArtStarts Gallery Spring/Summer 2014.

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Wanting to feel space and time in a different way,

Naomi went around the planet by land and sea, carrying the story of Goosefeather. In November 2014, she left her Vancouver, Canada home for California where a cargo ship took her 21 days across the Pacific Ocean to Australia.  A hop-skip-jump-bumpedity-bump then brought her through China, Japan, Russia,  Norway, the UK, Belgium, France and Switzerland with plenty a performance, workshop and creative collaboration along the way. Finally, she crossed the Atlantic from Southampton to New York, arriving back on Turtle Island one perfect Autumn day in early November 2015.

Once upon a time,

I went to Paris to interview my grandfather. I had three basic questions: Why am I so stubborn? How did you help Grandmère survive WWII? What is so interesting about measuring? While he did not exactly give very clear answers to my questions, he did teach me a lot about the metric system (his passion) and the finer points of measurement.

Goosefeather tells the stories collected over the course of the interviews and tells of my explorations in the South of France.


Wearing a corset stitched from ties taken from my grandfather’s closet, I enjoyed telling the story in each country I found myself. (Ask me why!)






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