Daily Journal

Dec 12, Vancouver – Full Circle

It is almost as if I never left to grow in words, movement, and direction.

I am still just as incapable, in three sentences and with only one image, to satisfyingly ‘capture’ ‘translate’ and thus ‘share’ the vastness of these moment by moment experiences.

Finally, with the last Goosefeather show a success, I am ready to embrace a modality other than on-line journal/blogging – ;) .

Dec 9-11, Sechelt – of closets and facial differences

7 Sechelt

Our friendship has been beginning since a long time already.

The sunshine coast stretches, at times strains, to hold so many aural seekers washing themselves in the sound of crashing waves and the chrrrrhshhhing of pebbles along the seashore.

Audiences are reached, fans are moved, clarified are the far-reaching rail-roads of reciprocity.