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If you have ever  thought that a story would add a delicious flight of fancy to your dinner party, or …imagined that a fairytale would be a enchanting addition to your community event…

…if you want to brush up as performer, storyteller or facilitator, then, don’t hesitate!

Contact Naomi as she may soon be floating on a Goosefeather through your part of the world.



The stories Naomi tells come from all over the world; Traditional stories, folktales, fairytales – old stories with new words, new stories with old wisdom. Stories made to breathe again.

She says: “From the whimsical to the wise, I am always excited to uncover old stories and new meanings”.


At EatonHouse International - Suzhou, China

At EatonHouse International – Suzhou, China

With an repertoire of over 100 stories Naomi can cater to any classroom, combining short folk tales or spinning a longer fairytale. Working with a teacher to develop cross-curricular relevance is a particular passion of Naomi’s. As an educator, she believes strongly in the power of stories to foster insight and catalyze change on all scales.

Proposal for Seminar on Environmental Education


A wonderful way to 
support community, 
foster listening, 
enhance school curriculum,
 encourage imagination, 
model integrity, 
broaden cultural understanding. If you want to increase your public speaking, self-confidence and memory, then consider a storytelling workshop!

From personal coaching to group settings – for an hour or over several days, the format of these workshops can be adapted to suite your needs and goals.

Possible workshop outline

Project Support

In addition to her personal practice as an artist and cultural creative, Naomi  steered the Vancouver Society Of Storytelling  between 2009 and June 2014. In her capacities as Executive and Artistic Director and Community Engagement Worker, she delivered  large scale community based initiatives and produced three international storytelling festivals.

From conception to final report writing, Naomi knows that any project includes countless administrative tasks and detailed lists, as well as a myriad of conversations and personalities to balance. She therefore strives to be easy to work with, requiring little and generating a lot.